• Beijing
  • In 2016, 17,509 invention patents of the technical fields labeled as strategic emerging industries from Beijing were granted.[Particular]

  • Henan
  • From January to October in 2017, Henan province filed 93,376 patent applications.[Particular]

  • Heilongjiang
  • Heilongjiang province added 7 new registered GI trademarks, housing a total of 66 ones now.[Particular]

  • China Booms In Technological Inn
  • On January 8, President Xi Jinping presented award certificates to academicians Wang Zeshan and HouYunde, winners of 2017 State Preeminent Science and Technology Award and expressed congratulations to them.[Particular]

  • China isn't just a manufacturing
  • Beijing's push to transition its economy has led to the country moving on from simply being known as the world's factory, according to a top executive at Swiss bank UBS.[Particular]

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