Grigory Ivliev : Boost Communication and Enhance Cooperation of BRICS

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  "I believe that the relations between the BRICS countries are becoming stronger year by year and we are developing our closely political, trade and cultural ties," said Grigory Ivliev, Director General of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property of Russia Federation, who came to China to participate the 10th Meeting of BRICS Heads of Intellectual Property Offices in Chengdu. In his view, the importance of IP is becoming one of the key factors in the growth of global and national economics, and the cooperation among BRICS IP offices in the past 6 years is recognized by both the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the five respective governments.

  "Heads of BRICS IP Offices began their communication in the format of brief informal meetings 'on the sidelines' of the Assemblies of the Member States of WIPO. Nowadays we need two busy days of joint meetings to cover all current issues, common positions and topical questions of IP," said Grigory Ivliev, acting in accordance with the "IP BRICS Cooperation Roadmap" signed in 2013 in Magaliesburg, South Africa, BRICS countries have gradually managed to reach tangible achievements on each of the proposed Cooperation Streams. "We reflect in the agenda the most topical issues of high priority for each of the BRICS countries. Such issues include educational projects and awareness promotion programs in the intellectual property sector, the exchange of information on national legislation, the sharing of patent data, as well as the development of common approaches to patent procedures.

  "Each BRICS country has its own strength in the IP field, and takes on work according to its strength in the framework of cooperation. For example, China has made great efforts in the patent information exchange project among the BRICS countries, so that we can share the resources. While in the classification and reclassification of traditional knowledge, India and Brazil also made their own efforts," According to Grigory Ivliev, Russia initiated the training program for patent examiners of BRICS countries in 2016. After the success of the first Training Program held in Russia, other BRICS IP offices enthusiastically supported the project and India and China have organized further training of experts on a rotational principle at the premises of the Chair Office.

  "The cooperation among BRICS IP offices is of particular importance not only for the experience exchange but also for the establishment of strong professional contacts and friendly ties. Today the offices are facing new challenges. Such cooperation provides a framework under which the offices will jointly make great efforts to explore the solutions. I would like to express my appreciation to SIPO for the success of this meeting, which laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation,” Grigory Ivliev said.(by Sun Di/Zou Biying)

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