The 2018 High-Level Conference on IP for Countries along Belt and Road highlights Inclusiveness, Development, Cooperation, Mutual Benefit

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  The Conference, co-organized by the National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) of China, National Copyright Administration, Ministry of Commerce, People's Government of Beijing Municipality and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) was held in Beijing on August 28. This conference focuses on inclusiveness, development, cooperation and mutual benefit. Participants discuss how to beef up IP cooperation among the countries along the Belt and Road to support the  development of IP community.

  Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong opened the Conference with a keynote speech. Wang Yong wished that IP cooperation among countries and regions along the Belt and Road  become more extensive, intensive and pragmatic, and expedite the formation of a new innovation pattern by making better use of IP system in a bid to stimulate innovation and boost IP protection and use. Concerted efforts are supposed to be made to improve IP laws and regulations, enhance IP examination quality and efficiency, and establish an IP protection climate featuring openness, transparency, impartiality and efficiency, making greater contribution to innovative development and economic prosperity in the region.  WIPO Director General Francis Gurry appreciated Chinese government's efforts in promoting such cooperation among the Belt and Road countries and valuable support China has shown for the work of WIPO. “WIPO is willing to make joint efforts with all other countries to reinforce communication and cooperation, and make concerted efforts to boost global IP system building and promote IP development and economy prosperity among those countries,” said Gurry.

  CNIPA Commissioner Shen Changyu, Senior Minister/Minister of Industry and Handicraft of Cambodia Cham Prasidh, China's Assistant Minister of Commerce Li Chenggang, Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO) President Saule Tlevlessova delivered their keynote speech respectively.

  Shen made three proposals to beef up IP cooperation among the participating countries. The first is to join hands to facilitate such cooperation to a higher level. The second is to improve IP infrastructure. The third is to harden IP protection.

  Representatives of IP administrations, international and regional organizations and embassies in China from nearly 60 countries along the Belt and Road and 300 guests from the members of inter-ministerial meeting on implementation of National IP Strategy of State Council, domestic IP system, businesses, IP services and academic circles participated in this conference. During the conference, participants shared comments on the importance of IP in capacity upgrading for industries and facilitating the economic development for the Belt and Road countries, development of global IP systems and joint strategies to face new challenges in the digital era--laws, policies and enhanced cooperation, inspiring innovation through enhanced commercialization and utilization of IP as key intangible asset. In addition, participants also exchanged views on strengthening the protection of IP and exploring for country specific IP protection models to create a favorable business climate, IP protection in the areas of genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore--national experience on laws and best practice, and sustained multilateral cooperation in IP in support of innovation and creativity.

  “The conference makes the anticipated result and it has formed a broad consensus on deepening IP cooperation for countries along the Belt and Road,” Liu Junchen, Secretary of Party Committee and Deputy Commissioner of CNIPA, said in his speech at the closing ceremony. Liu wished all countries involved join hands and make greater contributions to the common development and prosperity. (by Sun Di Wang Kang)

  On August 27, China National Intellectual Property Administration Commissioner Shen Changyu held talks with Senior Minister/Minister of Industry and Handicraft of Cambodia Cham Prasidh at the 2nd China-Cambodia High-Level Meeting on IP. During the talks, the two sides reviewed the performance of joint IP cooperation over the past years, and exchanged views on future cooperation. Shen expressed appreciation over Cham's participation in 2018 Beijing High-Level Conference on IP for Countries along the Belt and Road. Shen said that Chinese invention applicants and patentees were encouraged massively by the fact Cambodia has become the first country in recognizing valid invention patents granted by China. Shen believes such cooperation will promote IP and trade cooperation between the two sides, making great contribution to the socio-economic development of the two countries. Cham said that the practice in IP cooperation has set an template for countries along the Belt and Road. He wished to inject active force to economic development of the two countries by reinforcing such cooperation and improving IP awareness among the public. (Text by Liu Peng/Photo by Jiang Wenjie)

  China National Intellectual Property Administration Commissioner Shen Changyu shared comments with Vice Minister Chanseng Phimmavong, Ministry of Science and Technology of Lao People's Democratic Republic at the 2018 High-Level Conference on Intellectual Property for Countries along the Belt and Road on August 28. The two sides reviewed the fruits of cooperation since the first MOU on IP signed in April this year, and signed a declaration of intent on Ministry of Science and Technology of Lao's acceptance of CNIPA invention patent examination. The two sides also agreed to cultivate talents in IP sector. Shen said that the Belt and Road Initiative has provided a good opportunity for further cooperation of the two countries. He wished to further consolidate such cooperation and promote IP works of two countries after signing these agreements and exchanging views. Phimmavong said that great achievements have been yielded in examination cooperation and talent cultivation in recent years. He wished such cooperation to be conducted in a more efficient manner, making contributions to trade and S&T exchanges of the two countries.  (Text by Liqun/Photo by Zeng Jia)

  On August 27th, He Zhimin, Deputy Commissioner of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), met the delegation headed by Raimund Lutz, Vice President of the European Patent Office (EPO), who came to China to participate in the 2018 High-level Conference on Intellectual Property for Countries along the Belt and Road and the 9th China Patent Annual Conference. He noted that the bilateral cooperation projects have been carried out smoothly, particularly in such fields as Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) and automation. He hoped that the two sides continue to enhance communications in patent protection of emerging technologies and improving the quality and efficiency of examination by using new technologies as well as in CPC training. Lutz said that the cooperation of over 30 years between the two offices has contributed positively to the development of the global intellectual property system. In the meantime, profound friendship has been established between the two sides. In the past year, the cooperation between the two sides has been running smoothly. EPO will continue to push forward the cooperation on its already solid basis. (Text by Li Qian/Photo by Zeng Jia)

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