Chinese firm to recycle 'panda poo' into tissue paper

发布时间: 2017/12/27 10:03:00

  The national panda reserve in Sichuan province has signed a deal with a paper company to recycle the animals' faeces. Under the agreement, the firm will collect panda faeces and food waste every week. The reserve had previously discarded the material or used it as fertiliser.Once in the hands of the paper company, the faeces and food waste will go through a complex 60-step recycling process, including boiling, pasteurisation, and fibre extraction. (Chinese firm to recycle 'panda poo' into tissue paper, by BBC)


  Useless waste, however, has a big purpose. Combining papermaking technology with panda faeces, technology innovation has been realized, achieving the effect of green environmental protection.

  (Editor Li Xingyi)

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