The U.S.-China Race To Lead The Fourth Industrial Revolution

发布时间: 2018/4/25 12:16:00

  China 2025 is a project announced in 2015 that sets out to invest in a number of targeted sectors to move China up the value chain in advanced manufacturing and high tech sectors. China 2025 specifically targets 10 sectors that are supposed to form part of the so called fourth industrial revolution; information technology, high-end machinery and robotics, aerospace, marine equipment and ships, advanced rail transport, new-energy vehicles, electric power, agricultural machinery, new materials, and bio-medical. In addition, China has more recently also made plans for getting ahead in machine learning and artificial intelligence. (The U.S.-China Race To Lead The Fourth Industrial Revolution, by Seeking Alpha)


  China 2025 serves an important measure to help China upgrade economic and move towards a country with innovators. The IPR-reliant products and enjoying international competitiveness will become the foundation of China's participation in the new industrial revolution. China's role in the revolution will be even brighter.

  (Editor Li Xingyi)

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