Yanjiao Noodle

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  Yanjiao is an ancient town, with its mountains and rivers in unique styles. Named after the town, Yanjiao Noodle is said to be invented more than 300 years ago in 1658 by Zhang Zuochen, the second Grade Grand Secretary during Yongli period of Southern Ming Dynasty. Yanjiao Town is widely known for producing good noodles, and the business in that vicinity are  mostly related to Yanjiao noodles.

  Yanjiao noodle was mainly made by hand-pulling and knife-cutting in the early days; the production of machine-made noodle was developed after 1929. The handmade knife-cutting noodle is made in the following steps: place the kneaded dough on a big table, then roll, press and fold it repeatedly until the dough is thin as paper; cut the paper-thin dough into strips and hang up to air dry for storage.

  There are more than 100 enterprises and small workshops engaged in Yanjiao Noodle production. Due to the improved quality, the products are usually in short supply for a much-expanded market. (Courtesy of the Protection and Coordination Department of SIPO)

  (Editor Li Xingyi)

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