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  Panxian Ham is made with the meat of a local breed "Pingdi" in Panxian, Guizhou Province and processed by traditional technology in its unique geographical environment and climate conditions. Panxian Ham is a time-honored product of fine workmanship. It comes in the shape of a pipa musical instrument or willow. It is plump and meaty with a small bone, thin and brownish skin. The lean meat is pink or rosy and marbled with fat. It is tender and flavorful with a pleasant salty taste. A savory food with high nutrition content. Panxian Ham is popular home and abroad.

  Every winter, the production of ham begins with repeated salting and seasoning the raw pig leg in a work or dustpan. When curing is completed, the meat is pressed into the work to soak in the salt thoroughly. After ten days, they are hung in a cool shady or ventilated place to air dry or slow cooked over charcoal fire; some are smoked by burning cypress leaves. The ham will be ready after a winter and spring. In recent years, with the improved delivery condition, especially successfully application of PGI, Panxian Ham is becoming more popular, and more enterprises are engaged in the large-scale production of Panxian Ham. There are over 20 companies, processing plants, and cooperatives, in addition to over 100 traditional handcraft workshops, with annual output of over 4000 tons of ham and more than 500,000 legs. (Courtesy of the Production and Coordination Department of SIPO)

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