Trade war or not, China Inc already reining in American brands

发布时间: 2018/7/4 10:22:00

  American brands have long enjoyed a vaunted status in China. U.S. fast food, beverages and coffee chains are ubiquitous in China's cities, while consumers lap up U.S.-branded infant formula, designer jeans, cars and smartphones. That dominance, however, is threatened by China's push to bolster domestic brands by creating champions in certain categories and weeding out weaker players to improve quality. (Trade war or not, China Inc already reining in American brands, Reuters)


  Brand represents not only an important resource for enterprises to participate in competition, but also boosts significant standard to measure national economic strength. With the continuous improvement of China's product quality and service, Chinese brands have begun to cut corners in the world market, winning more and more consumers' favor.

  (Editor Li Xingyi)

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