Fuping Dried Persimmon

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  Fuping has a long history in planting persimmon. It is said that when Zhu Yuanzhang was forced to beg food in northern Fuping, he survived with the local persimmons. When he ascended to the throne, he bestowed the persimmon tree the title Lingshuang Hou ( Lord Frost-resistance ) and built a temple nearby to commemorate the blessing he received from the fruits.

  It has 370 years of history in producing Fuping dried persimmon. This famous traditional dried fruits is made from the local quality variety "Fupingjian persimmon" after dozens of processing steps, such as peeling, salting, softening, sun drying, moistening and shaping. It features frost-white color, chewy sweet taste, and high content of nutrition.

  There are two types of Fuping dried persimmons, non-frosted and frosted  dried persimmons. The non-frosted one is also called Red Dried Persimmon. When the sugar of the dried persimmons migrated to the surface of the fruit and forms a frost-like white layer over the fruit, the red one becomes the frosted one. The frosted one not only has the same texture as the non-frosted one, but also has fresher flavor and taste.

  Since the implementation of the geographical indication products production, the popularity and reputation of Fuping dried persimmon has been increasing. Fuping has become the largest distribution center of persimmon products in China.
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