Vladimir Marić: Working Together to Build a Road of Innovation

发布时间: 2018/9/19 10:59:00

"I would like to congratulate on the success of the High-Level Conference on Intellectual Property for Countries along the Belt and Road for fruitful achievements yielded as well as its excellent organization," said Vladimir Marić, Director General of the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia who attended the 2018 High-Level Conference on Intellectual Property for Countries along the Belt and Road, in an interview with CIP News. "The conference provides an opportunity for countries along the route to exchange and share experience, and to bring together representatives from various countries. We are willing to take the opportunity of the conference to strengthen exchanges and cooperation among related IP agencies of countries along the Belt and Road," added Vladimir Marić.


Located in the southeastern part of Europe, Serbia is the "heart" of the Balkans. The beautiful Danube flows through the country and the scenery along the coast is beautiful. "It is my second time to attend the high-level conference on IP for countries along the Belt and Road. I am delighted to see more and more European countries in particular EU member states participate in the conference," said Marić, adding that Serbia takes the Belt and Road Initiative as an important link for economic cooperation with China and other countries along the route. "We are privileged to be able to engage in the international IP cooperation among countries along the Belt and Road and to promote dialogue and cooperation with these countries."


"The world nowadays is changing rapidly. New technologies have become the energy and driving force for global economic development and IP serves as an important guarantee for the advancement of science and technology. Currently, countries are facing unprecedented challenges in the field of IP. Therefore, countries need to constantly enhance IP cooperation to create a favorable business and innovation environment," said Marić. He added that the Belt and Road Initiative provides an opportunity for IP cooperation among countries along the route. 


"Serbia and Chinese have enjoyed sound cooperative relations for a long time. Being the world's biggest registrar of patents, trademarks and industrial designs, China has valuable experience in IP which is worth learning." Marić hoped that both sides would further strengthen cooperation and promote common development. "The Chinese government has attached great importance to IPR protection. As China continues to increase its investment in Serbia, more and more Chinese enterprises have come to Serbia. Both the Serbian and Chinese governments hope to enhance IPR protection to protect the interests of enterprises of both countries." He added.


Finally, Marić expressed gratitude to China National Intellectual Property Administration and Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office for their warm reception and thoughtful arrangements during the conference. He told the CIP News that the trip to China was very memorable. He would bring "Chinese experience" and "Chinese wisdom" back to Belgrade (capital of Serbia) and hope to build a road of innovation together with countries along the Belt and Road so as to achieve mutual benefits.  (by Sun Di/Li Qian)



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