Companies From China Dominate Forbes Asia's Fabulous 50 List, Forbes

发布时间: 2018/9/19 11:05:00

  Companies from China once again dominate Forbes Asia's Fabulous 50 List of the big companies in the Asia-Pacific region with a record 30 listees. The list also features 17 new entrants. Once again, the two most valuable companies on the list are Tencent and Alibaba. The Chinese Internet giants boast vastly greater market capitalizations and enjoy far higher profits than any of the other companies on the list. Tencent's net profit soared 71% last year to $10.6 billion, while Alibaba's climbed 49% to $9.7 billion. (Companies From China Dominate Forbes Asia's Fabulous 50 List, Forbes)


  The continuous enhancement of innovative capacity and steady improvement of IP environment become the key factors for Chinese enterprises to venture out in the world. Seizing the opportunity, the Chinese enterprises' innovative development will expand.

(Editor Li Xingyi)

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