Pinggu Peach

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  Pinggu peach is grown in Pinggu District of Beijing, where is known as land of great peaches in China. With a semi-humid continental monsoon climate of the warm temperate zone, it has distinct four seasons. Abundant sunshine and sandy loam common in the area make the place suitable for the growth of great peaches.

  Pinggu peach features bright color, big size, round shape, and moderately sweet and sour taste. Its main varieties are Dajiubao, Qingfeng (Beijing No.26), JingYan (Beijing No.24), etc. Pinggu peach sells well in China, and enjoys a certain popularity in Asia, Europe and the United States.

  Since the implementation of the protection of geographical indication products, Pinggu District relies on Pinggu peach resources to create a industry richening local residents. Pinggu District has founded the International Peach Blossom Music Festival, Peach Picking Festival and other activities, which promote the development of industrial convergence.

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