Unicorns Are China's Innovative Cavalry in Trade War

发布时间: 2018/10/10 11:16:00

  Hong Kong, has seen a stampede, including the $3.1 billion IPO by Xiaomi Corp. and a planned offering by Meituan, the world's third- and fourth-most valuable unicorns. In the U.S., 17 Chinese startups filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission since March for a combined deal size of $3 billion; in Hong Kong, there were 27 candidates seeking an aggregate $10.5 billion, data compiled by Bloomberg show.(Unicorns Are China's Innovative Cavalry in Trade War,The Washington Post)


  As an innovative cavalry in China's industry, Chinese innovative enterprises are making use of independent innovation capabilities and protection of intellectual property rights to enhance their diversification market competitive advantages, which is increasing rapidly during the process of “going out”.

(Editor Li Xingyi)

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