Guanxi Pomelo

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  Guanxi pomelo is grown in Pinghe County of Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It has been cultivated for more than 500 years. During the Qianlong reign of the Qing Dynasty, Guanxi pomelo was listed as a tribute to the court. Pinghe Country has plentiful water sources, such as Guanxi river. Plentiful sunshine and sandy loam common in the area make the place suitable for the growth of pomelo.

  Guanxi pomelo features golden-orange-colored peel, crisp and juicy pulp, moderate sweet and sour flavor, with every 100ml of juice containing 9.17 - 11.60g sugar, 0.734 -1.011g acid, 48.93 - 51.98mg Vitamin C. Guanxi pomelo is helpful to eliminate phlegm, moisten lung, digest food and reduce fever.

  Since the implementation of the protection of geographical indication products, the domestic market share and export volume of Guanxi pomelo have occupied the first place in the same kind of products in China. The export areas cover EU countries, Russia, Canada, and so forth.

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