Wuyi Rock-Essence Tea

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  Wuyi rock-essence tea is a oolong tea produced in Wuyishan City of Fujian Province, which is made by selecting suitable tea varieties for asexual breeding and cultivation under the natural ecological environment of Mountain Wuyi according to the unique traditional processing technology.

  The northwest part of Mountain Wuyi is so high that the towering peaks can resist the invasion of cold wave to the south. The area has the characteristics of subtropical climate that the humid air and foggy conditions are conducive to the growth of tea trees. The soil is volcanic gravel, red sandstone and shale. The humus layer on the surface of the soil is thicker and the content of organic matter is higher.

  Wuyi rock-essence tea falls into the category of the semi-fermented oolong tea, featuring a light and pleasant taste of green tea as well as the stronger aroma of black tea. The traditional production technology of Wuyi rock-essence tea is complex and fine, including the initial production technology of primary tea and the purification technology of refined tea. It is prized for its distinctive characteristic that leaves a somewhat mineral flavor and flowery scent in the infused tea.

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