Jinzhai Kiwi

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  Jinzhai County is under the jurisdiction of Lu'an City of Anhui Province, Jinzhai kiwi has a long history. According to the Jinzhai County Chronicle, Jinzhai wild kiwi has a history of over 3,000 years and its artificial cultivation more than 30 years. JinZhai County is located in the hinterland of Ta-pieh Mountains, with high altitude, abundant rainfall, deep soil, rich organic matter and slightly acidic soil, which provides unique conditions for Jinzhai Kiwi growth.

  In 1980, the wild kiwifruit in Jinzhai was used as Rootstock to collect scions from the mother branches of healthy kiwifruit without quarantine diseases and insect pests, and the kiwifruit with unique quality was successfully cultivated.

  Jinzhai kiwifruit flesh is yellow or emerald green, along the heart of the purple-red radiation distribution, tender and juicy, tender meat, sweet and sour palatable, pure flavor. The main suitable-growing varieties of Jinzhai kiwi included Hongyang and Hayward, etc.

  According to statistics, at present, the planting scale of Actinidia gooseberry in Jinzhai County is 30,100 mu, the annual output is up to 8000 tons, The annual output value is 1 billion 500 million yuan,and 3,000 square meters post-harvest sorting and cold storage bases are built, and 1,600 poor households are directly driven to participate in the development of Actinidia gooseberry industry, with an average annual income of 2,000 yuan in each household. The product sales have reached long-term sales cooperation with online platforms, in which the "Actinidia gooseberry wine" of deep processing of Actinidia gooseberry has been marketed and the market response is good.

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