Huanggang Wicker

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  Huanggang town, located in Funan county, Anhui province, is the famous township of "the Hometown of Salix integra" and "the capital of wicker ". "Huanggang wicker" has a long history, according to Yingzhou Records of Zhengde of Ming Dynasty : "Huaimeng is rich in water jing (note: at that time the salix integra was called water jing), cutting and processing, white as jade, tough as rattan ". Huanggang wicker is soft and easy to bend, symmetrical in thickness and elegant in color, which can be woven into all kinds of practical handicrafts with simple nature, beautiful shape and light and durable.

  Huanggang located in Funa Mengwa, low-lying, dotted with lakes. Soil is given priority to with browns soil, structure retention of fat, rich in organic matter. The water has high quality, rich minerals. It belongs to the southern margin of the warm temperate semi-humid monsoon climate zone,  which is monsoon obvious, clear four seasons, mild climate,and here rainfall is relatively moderate, illumination, frost-free period is longer, it provides a good ecological environment for Huanggang wicker growth . At present, with Huanggang as the center, it has been built 83,000 mu Salix integra planting base, with an annual output of 380,000 tons of willow.

  In recent years, The local government has further promoted the landmark policy of enriching farmers and targeted poverty alleviation. Tn the region,there are 14 country where 120,000 farmers are engaged in willow planting and processing.  Also there are 76 enterprises using the special sign of Huanggang willow weaving landmark products, which promotes the employment of 14,500 poor people in Mengwa, Huaihe river. The annual planting income of farmers reaches 600 million yuan, and the annual increase of income is more than 900 million yuan.

  Huanggang wicker is also sold abroad, mainly to 56 countries and regions, such as Japan, France, Britain, the USA, Italy and Germany.  The annual export revenue reached 279.9 million US dollars.

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