Made in China generates power at Olympic Games

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  The Tokyo Olympics is in full swing. Looking inside and outside the Olympic Games venues, in recent years, from sporting goods to supplies, a raft of Chinese brands and products have provided a full range of services to the wonderful performance of Olympic athletes. Chinese companies are closely involved in event broadcasting and development of relevant products, creating a wonderful Olympic feast.

  Grand entry of "Made in China" at the Games

  In the arenas, "Made in China" sporting goods are in the backdrop of the Olympic athletes. The Tokyo Olympic Games is not only an arena for athletes, but also one for brands from all over the world. Chinese brands and Made in China shine here, once again conquering the world with innovation of our own.

  As the exclusive equipment supplier and service provider for over a dozen events including wrestling, judo, taekwondo, and cycling, Taishan Sports Company provides top-notch equipment at both the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games.

  In the Women's Fencing Individual Epee Final, Sun Yiwen won a gold medal. The "Champion Dragon Outfit" she wore when she received the award was jointly created by Anta and visual artist Ye Jintian over many years. According to reports, the award-receiving uniform uses Chinese elements such as a small stand-up collar and a buckle to integrate traditional Chinese cultural heritage, beauty and high technology. The flying weave pattern on the upper adopts brocade moire and beast patterns to symbolize athletes make great achievements in the Games.

  In addition to showcasing oriental aesthetics, the award-receiving uniform adopts a large area of high-needle and high-density composite materials, which have antibacterial and antistatic functions as well as anti-wrinkle and anti-snagging pilling processes. A variety of fabrics with different functions are also spliced to ensure breathability and sporting functionality. In the design of the shoes, Anta combines two technologies of nitrogen supercritical technology and intelligent molecular shock absorption technology to realize the combination of rebound and shock absorption, providing powerful cushioning protection, and effectively reducing impact damage.

  Content development and protection yields brilliant results

  In the past few days, copyright utilization such as the broadcasting of Olympic events and the development of derivative products has also been underway in and out of the Tokyo Olympic Games. In China, China Media Group, Migu Company of China Mobile, Tencent have all broadcasted live and broadcast of the Games. They have launched on-demand and short video content, Olympic information, as well as diversified, original programs and multi-scene interactions, thus makes an feast bringing in the population.

  On July 27, in the gold medal match of 10-meter air rifle mixed team, Yang Qian and her partner Yang Haoran won the gold medal again, which aroused national acclaim. In the match, the scene Yang Qian tied her hair with a carrot-shaped hair rope and hairpins with a little yellow duck has also gone viral. According to Taobao platform data, compared with the previous day, the searche volume of "Yang Qian same style" little yellow duck hairpins on Taobao platform on July 24 skyrocketed 4,237.37% in a single day, and the search volume of carrot-shaped hair ropes increased by 2,115.67%.

  In addition to the development of peripheral products and the authorization of broadcasting rights, China's leading Internet companies are also exploring other forms of development. Take the short video platform Kuaishou as an example, during the Games, in addition to daily on-demand complete events, Kuaishou also launched a number of house-made programs including a show "Olympic Grade One" and online show "The Champion is Coming". In parallel, it also designed Olympic live answering questions and other activities and content that conforms to short-time frequency and live broadcast gameplay. The platform's monetization method is also mainly focused on the commercial operation of those contents, which proves to be popular.

  Meanwhile, copyright protection of the events is not absent. The special action named Jianwang 2021 launched by the National Copyright Administration of China has made the copyright protection of sports event programs one of the key tasks. The day before the opening of the Games, the China Copyright Association held the Coordination Meeting on Early Warning for the Tokyo Olympic Games Rights and Copyright Protection in Beijing. Representatives of China Media Group, various Internet portals, long and short video platforms focused on how to protect the copyright of the Olympic Games programs and reached a consensus on cooperation in combating online infringement and piracy.

  Now that the Games are on. Through self-generated innovations and operational development, various industries in China contribute "Chinese elements" to create a splendid Olympic gala. (by Hou Wei/Su Yue)

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