China researching challenges of kilometer-scale ultra-large spacecraft

发布时间: 2021/9/1 10:14:00

  The National Natural Science Foundation of China has outlined a five-year project for researchers to study the assembly of ultra-large spacecraft. Preliminary research is to include studying the challenges of developing lightweight structures and on-orbit assembly and control. The project would have practical applications for potential megaprojects including colossal space-based solar power stations.The project would focus on minimizing the weight of the spacecraft to reduce the number of launches and construction. (China researching challenges of kilometer-scale ultra-large spacecraft, SpaceNews)


  The ultra-large spacecraft is difficult to construct but with broad application prospects. Putting the research of ultra-large spacecraft on the list of major project guidelines during the 14th Five-Year Plan period significantly showcases China's increasing investments in aerospace science and technology and advanced deployment of its aerospace industry in recent years, which helps to accelerate the building of an aerospace power.

(Editor Wang Xumeng)

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