The 11th China Patent Week will Launch

发布时间: 2017/11/22 11:19:00

  SIPO will launch the 11th China Patent Week, with the theme of "Deeply Implementing the Guiding Principles of the 19th CPC National Congress, Strengthening the Creation, Protection, and Application of Intellectual Property" in Beijing on November 27. During the event, a series of activities on IPR operation will be carried out across the nation.The online site for this year's event will continue to be IP administrative authorities across the nation will popularize IP measures through a series of activities including exhibition, releasing information, project show, investment and experiences exchange to improve the connection between the resources of IP operation with companies and strengthen the creation, protection, and application of IP.

  Accordingly, the patent week will aim to achieve three goals, which are fostering high value patent to strengthen IP creation, building a good environment of  IP protection and motivating the commercialization market to strength IP application. The week will combine IP, innovation sources, assets and industry together, to build a better environment for enterprises and the whole society of innovation and lawful rights and interests protection and to promote comprehensive benefits of IP.  (by Wang Kang)

  (Editor Li Xingyi)

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