Jilin Changbai Mountain Ginseng

发布时间: 2018/8/22 11:16:00

  The Changbai Mountains reach lofty heights, and the three nearby rivers surge.Changbai Mountains of Jilin province, located in the mid temperate humid climate zone and mid cold climate zone, have the continental monsoon climate. The unique geographical and climatic conditions, suitable for the growth of ginseng, created the Jilin Changbai Mountain ginseng excellent quality and unique medicinal efficacy.

  With the implementation of the protection of geographical indications, the planting area and yield of Jilin Changbai Mountain Ginseng have been increasing year by year through the protection and breeding of wild mountain ginseng, transplanting mountain ginseng and garden ginseng cultivation. The production and operation enthusiasm of ginseng enterprises and agricultural enterprises has been continuously enhanced. Many related products have been well-known at home and abroad.

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