Zhushan Turquoise

发布时间: 2018/9/12 10:47:00

  Zhushan Turquoise, produced in Zhushan Country of Hubei Province, has been long favored because of its unique color, delicate structure, marvelous shape and myriads of texture and markings.

  The formation process of Zhushan turquoise is complex, which requires not only the geological environment containing copper, phosphorus, aluminum and other minerals, but also special conditions such as weathering and leaching, crustal movement and surface water infiltration for hundreds of millions of years.

  The reserves of Zhushan Turquoise are 50 thousand tons, accounting for 70% of the total reserves of turquoise. Since the implementation of the protection of geographical indication products, Zhushan turquoise has doubled its value, increased the related product added value and market competitiveness.

  (Courtesy of the Protection and Coordination Department of CNIPA)

  (Editor Li Xingyi)

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