New Chinese messaging app Zidan Duanxin takes on WeChat

发布时间: 2018/9/12 10:53:00

  China's growing band of challengers to Tencent and Alibaba has added a new member to its ranks: an app that is taking aim at the messaging world dominated by WeChat. Zidan Duanxin is barely two weeks old but it has already become China's most downloaded free app in the Apple store, according to market data company App Annie. This has prompted WeChat, the Tencent-owned platform with 1bn user accounts, to improve its own voice to text translation, according to analysts.(New Chinese messaging app Zidan Duanxin takes on WeChat, Financial Times)


  Instant message technology is regarded as important driving force in the future, many transnational internet enterprises have launched relative research in this sector due to the huge market. Chinese companies should improve independent innovation ability in order to be competitive in the market.

  (Editor Li Xingyi)

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