Pu'er Tea

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  Pu'er Tea embodies the shared memory of many residents in Yunnan, carrying the wonderful stories of mankind and tea throughout the history. Pu'er Tea is made from a type of tea leaves grown in a certain regions of Yunnan Province and processed with special techniques. It can be divided in to raw and ripened types.

  The raw type is made from Dayezhong fresh tea leaves grown in the specific environmental conditions of Yunnan and then pressed through the process of killing green, rolling, sun-drying and molding. The tea has a dark green color and a complex flavor while its infusion is bright greenish yellow and clear.

  The  ripened tea is made with Dayezhong sun-dried green tea in the specific environmental conditions of Yunnan and processed with special techniques. The tea comes in the form of loose or pressed tea after fermentation. The tea has reddish brown color, and the infusion has bright red color with unique aroma, and a mellow sweet taste.

  The geographic indication protection product supports the independent operation of Pu'er Tea enterprises with reasonable supervision to ensure the quality of products, which ultimately leads to efficient development of the industry.

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