China closes in on Japan's hydrogen technology patent lead

发布时间: 2022/8/11 15:39:00

  Recently,though Japan continues to lead the world in hydrogen-related technology, its edge is narrowing as new patent filings by the country's companies and research institutions slow while Chinese players forge ahead with government backing, according to Japan-based firm Astamuse. Between 2011 and 2020, China came in second over the U.S., South Korea and Germany with 21,235, when it ranked fifth. (China closes in on Japan's hydrogen technology patent lead, Nikkei Asia)


  In recent years, thanks to innovation and IP protection in hydrogen-related technology, China has caught up counterparts. At the same time, we should realize clearly that Chinese companies should strengthen innovation in core technologies to overcome the current deficiencies, in storage and transportation,so as to seize the opportunity in the global market.

  (Editor Tian Yihui)

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